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Up to $2,000 for retrofits reducing energy use by 20 percent or more, and up to $4,000 for retrofits saving 35% or more
Appliance Incentive Application: Form 320APP ( PDF | DOC) Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Incentive Application: Form 320HVAC ( PDF | DOC) Water Heating Incentive Application: Form 320WH ( PDF | DOC) Washington Condos and Townhomes Heating and Cooling, Contractor Installed: Form 320C-HVAC ( Online | PDF | DOC)
We will be updating this page as new information becomes available
And the home electrification rebates—like for heat pump HVAC or heat pump water heaters—that are a part of this program
HEEHR Rebate Levels For Qualified Electrification Projects Income Eligibility and % Costs Covered Low-income: <80% Area Median Income (AMI) % costs covered (includinginstallation) Moderate-income: 80-150% AMI % costs covered (including installation) Overall Incentives Max consumer rebate Max contractor rebate 100% 50% $14,000 $500
The Texas state government will execute the HEEHRA rebates, and the Department of Energy is expected to make an announcement with guidelines in spring 2023
The energy efficiency upgrades have included 444 window replacements, 77 door replacements, 67 HVAC cleaning and tuning/replacements, 55 attic insulation repair/replacements, 52 duct sealing/replacements, 54 air sealing repairs, 27 heat pump water heaters, 14 refrigerators, and 694 LED bulbs
So it isn't like you can get a $4,000 heat pump for free in that situation